How to build the right relationships in business…

Every business that is successful starts by having customers that they bring value or provide products or services to… Thus starting a business relationship. It works exactly the same way before starting a business.  We build relationships with people that give us ideas, different insights or views, and sometimes incredible advice and partnerships form out of building relationships, out of networking.

Forget competition, your competition should be yourself, everyone else is a benefit to your business. ~Anna Malimon

You may wonder, how so?

Every business or person that may seem like competition to you shouldn’t be because they’re actually helping you succeed, you just have to have a different way of looking at it.  Let’s look at it this way, if they’re doing extremely well in their business, pay attention to what they’re doing and do it your way, according to your brand, by being yourself, just do it better than them… add a special bonus, make it more attractive, simply – do more.

Surround yourself with Only Quality People as Les Brown says.

I want to share with you my most recent event experience…

It was an amazing event full of value and incredible speakers – Four Percent International Conference 2017!!  Held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, which made it an awesome location and place for my family to hang out, swim, and enjoy while I attended the 3-day event and absorbed as much information as I could, took lots of notes, done several videos, and took lots of pictures.

Watch the conference Highlights Here!! 

Whenever events are held, I always bring my family and we make it a business/family vacation.  My family is my ‘WHY’ and means everything to me.  We love to do everything together and of course travel together everywhere we go.  My kids are currently (practically) 7 (birthday next month) & 8 years old but that won’t last long, they grow way too fast. (Can you tell which one is the older and the younger child?)

I see myself as the leader as well as to my children, the one that guides them and teaches them, therefore, I will be the best example to them.  Bringing them to the events with me, they get to see, feel, and experience all this at an early age.

I want them to be surrounded with successful people even while growing up and it won’t be difficult to explain to them because I am doing it myself, they see it and know how important it is to be around those that make a positive impact on your life.

Who do you surround yourself with?

What example are you to others?

It’s so important to be that positive person who people want to be around with because we build relationships based on personality first and everything else follows.  People want to be around those that respect themselves, take care of themselves, and of course have other people’s interests in mind.  If you don’t respect yourself or take care of yourself, you’re sending the wrong signals to those around you.

Here are some of the speakers that were teaching us all of the latest and greatest ways of building and growing your business. All of the information that was provided was based on long-term growth and success.  Any business that wants to thrive, understands that it takes time and consistency to get to a place where everyone else wants to be but doesn’t have the patience or the work ethic to prove themselves.

This is Mr. Vick Strizheus, the founder of FourPercent.  It is thanks to him and of course his beautiful wife, Natalie, that have put forth much effort into impacting lives of many entrepreneurs and even those that never thought they would be successful in business.  They helped others believe in themselves and that possibilities are endless.  I’m grateful for Vick’s mentorship and amazing system that allows me to make money even when traveling or attending events, or just at home spending time with my family. 🙂

Behind every successful man is a great woman!!  Mrs. Natalie Strizheus, I’m honored to have meant you in person.  You’re an amazing individual.  Be blessed.

There were many speakers and I didn’t even capture all of them, but here’s who I got a chance to personally chat with.

Steve “the hurricane” served as the host, presenter, at the event and had everyone pumped and ready to get the event started and all throughout the event to keep your fire and welcome each speaker with energy and respect of the applauding audience.  He did an outstanding job.

Dave Vanhoose is the founder of Speaking Empire and they make incredible things happen for people who are interested or always wanted to be a public speaker and ways of marketing yourself and your services. Besides there’s a heck of a lot of money to be made in this industry.

Dustin Mathews did an awesome presentation as the co-founder of Speaking Empire (not pictured).

It always amazes me the things people come up with and the things people go through to get to where they are.  Makes me realize that indeed I am going to be successful knowing that life is full of ups and downs, it’s just a matter of being consistent, building the right relationships in business and always learning, investing in yourself, and taking massive action. 

Anthony Morrison has done some pretty cool Facebook Training, more specifically on growing fan pages and getting engagement into hundreds of thousands – all organically.

Adrian Morrison opened up some Facebook PPC Secrets, and don’t be surprised when I say that video marketing is a winner in marketing right now!!

Chris Record, founder of Tecademics. His stories are fascinating, a guy who was born in a teepee is now a multi-millionaire.  If you ever thought about building your own ecommerce store or want to grow yours, join the FREE 90-day eCom Challenge and start seeing results, Chris is the guy to get you going!!

Shubham Singh is an Instagram Genius along with Tim Karsliyev, whom I didn’t get a chance to catch, darn… Shubham get trends going viral and Tim is the man behind it all, he’s got all of the influencers, the connections and strategy to making it happen.

Joshua Earp, SEO Consultant who gets multi-millionaires, billionaires, and celebrities as his main clients.  He does what 99% of entrepreneurs don’t want to do and is very successful at it, needless to say, very good at what he does.

Tony Horton was incredible, hilarious, and very great at presenting – a true ‘Presentainer’.  He was so much fun and very informative to listen to and made us all get up and jump and put true energy into the room.  If you heard of P90X – Tony is the creator of it.

Forbes Riley touched everyone emotionally in the room with her stories and by simply being a woman of power, she had a way of connecting with everyone, it was amazing.

We also had Les Brown, Daven Michaels, Tanya Willis, Jack Cohen, Steve Hofstetter, Tim Kasliyev, Dave Seymore, of course Vick Strizheus, and myself, Anna Malimon also had a chance to speak on stage and share a bit of my story and success breakthroughs (along with a few other leaders from our community).

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Let me know your thoughts on this topic or feel free to share your story or struggle. I’m here to help you have a better future.

It’s YOUR time!!

To Your Success!