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Meet Anna


Hey there and Welcome! I appreciate you and hope that you will make the right decision in your life by giving me a chance to show that when dreams are reality, you can truly do what you set your mind to!

I have been blessed with a wonderful family; my kids – Liana and Ben, they are amazing, smart, and simply adorable and an awesome, supportive husband, Denis! You’ll be seeing them in pics and videos… My family means the world to me and everything I do, they are my motivation. It's such a joy to be there for them when they need you without asking someone else to take care of them, or "raise" them for me while I make money and not spend much time with them.

I’m a very down-to-earth type person, honest, friendly, professional, and always a helping hand. At every job, event, group, or team that I was ever involved with, I was always the “go-to” person. I had a difficult time saying “No” or sometimes explaining “Why not?” I’ve learned my lessons along the way and enjoy learning (especially from other peoples mistakes), as well as educating myself. I do enjoy a challenge, and I do not give up until I accomplish my set goal. I’m not here to waste anyone’s time (or my own), energy, or finances… but actually EXACTLY the opposite!

Let me tell you a little bit of how I got to where I am today…

I started working online for a number of reasons; working full-time since I was 16 years old and then throughout college, marriage, pregnancies, and kids – I had no time for my family, I had no time for myself or others, and after working a full shift there were still plenty of chores to do. I said to myself,

“How do so many others survive and enjoy life in this matter?” “It doesn’t have to be like this, there must be an easier way.”

Well, as the research began I also came across a few close friends and even family that are doing exactly what I always wanted to do and they are extremely successful, making six figure incomes. WOW! That’s when it all started for me! Thankfully I didn’t have to test out different programs and waste my hard earned money of which I had debts with, I simply got into the program that my friends were in and got the ball rolling from there.

Lucky for you!!! You can model my experience and achieve great results! I’m not Marketing major, got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, but I’ll tell you what… they never taught me what I know today and I don’t have to work hard like I used to. Life is a ONE TIME opportunity to make the best of it and leave behind an incredible future for our children! Let’s make that happen together! Don’t continue to live life like everyone else who’s unhappy, come to the HAPPY SIDE!

A few last words, for now…

Giving up never achieved anything and achieving sometimes needs a helping hand!
Have courage, be determined, be confident, stay consistent, and you will reach your dreams beyond your own expectations!!!

No one else can do it for you! It’s your turn to make a step for YOU! Make your Dreams a REALITY!

When people don't want to do something, they'll always find a way out.  This was my way out of wanting to spend time away from my family. 

If you'd like to see what I do - Check It Out Here!! 

To your success, 

Anna Malimon


My Angels
Liana & Ben

 They make my world brighter and put a smile on my face reminding me that I have all that I could ever want right in front of me!  They grow way to fast as it is, I can't let life just pass me by.


       Photo Credit: Dennis Malimon