Autoresponders are emails that are set-up to automatically be sent to your subscribers once they opt-in. In the email you can welcome them, tell them about another product, or service, or simply wish them an awesome day and provide some encouragement. I've reviewed a few different Autoresponders and know that some of the most popular ones are AWeber, GetResponse, and Constant Contact. InfusionSoft is more for serious marketers, (because I want this to be more for beginners typegetresponse600, I did not do much research). They all have awesome tools and they all have their pricing, which to me in the beginning made a difference.

With 500 subscriptions you can start at $19 with AWeber, $15 GetResponse, and $15 with Constant Contact. As your list begins to grow - at 10,000 subscribers you'll be paying $69, $65, and $85 respectively.

I personally use GetResponse and love it. It's an all-in-one package (they have everything you need to get started in one place). They also have a 30-Day FREE Trial. So you're actually saving even more overall. It may be the cheapest of the reviewed but there are cheaper autoresponders out there. Most of the programs I use, integrate easily with GetResponse and it's extremely easy to use.

I recommend GetResponse and would encourage you to get it, you will love it! Click here to get all the details and get started with a free 30-day trial.



To be completely honest I only have tested two different tracking tools, one being ClickMeter and the other QualityClickControll (QCC).  I have not had any issues with either one.  With QCC you are required to register a new domain name.  Both tools have the capability of split testing, creating conversion tracking, rotator tracking, etc.  I know that ClickMeter also has the Retargeting/Remarketing tool which does wonders when you know how to use it properly.  They both have videos for generating any kind of links or creating campaigns.  I will be more than happy to create personal videos for you, all you have to do is simply tell me where your struggle is.


The pricing is free for both to start, it's not 30 days free, it's free as long as you keep within their limit of clicks vs. event
s.  Except for QCC, you do have a start-up fee of $19.95 for the domain name and hosting.  Free with QCC is for 250 clicks per month, as you can see you'll need to upgrade pretty much right awayQCC, that's such a small amount of clicks that they're offering.  The beginner is $19.95/mo. for 15,000 clicks per month.  It's a good price if you're a beginner and not having too much traffic just yet.  It's always easy and fast to upgrade.  For Advanced it's $39.95/mo. with 100,000 clicks and from there it goes to Professional $89.95/mo. with 500,000 clicks.  They also have annual option instead of monthly which will save you over 20% and higher as you upgrade. 

For ClickMeter it starts out free with 1,000 events.  It's kind of awesome but then again, you cannoclickmetert create conversion tracking with the free account.  With that being said, you'd have to upgrade to a paid
Medium account which starts at $29/mo. for 25,000 events.  I'm not sure what more you can ask for.  It does however have the next upgrade Large at $99/mo. for 200,000 events and the X-Large at $349/mo. for 2,000,000 events.   

I suggest starting small and gradually upgrading when needed.  I personally have been using ClickMeter and have loved it.  It's been accurate and provides me the reports that I look for.  They are both click tracking tools that can be used for affiliate marketers.  I strongly suggest that you invest in one of the tools that best fits your budget, needs and preferences.  Please know your numbers and don't run campaigns blindly.  

I hope you found this helpful and once again, I'm here if you have any questions or struggles.