Top 3 WordPress Hosting Sites Reviews

If you’re publishing your website or blog with WordPress or thinking about it, you’re not alone. Over 27% of all websites run on WordPress, so you’re in good hands. It’s reliable and most Fortune 500 companies also rely on WordPress to run their business.  Although when it comes to hosting your website, how do you know which hosting plans work best with WordPress? I have personally reviewed the top 3 best hosting providers to use with WordPress. The top 3 WordPress hosting sites reviews are listed below. I did not do more than 3 sites because when you have too many options, you grab yourself by the head and don’t know what to do. To make it easier on you, I chose the best rated hosting sites over the internet and also from personal experience.  As I use hosting personally, I know some of the things to look for and took into account the speed, support, features, WordPress expertise, and more when reviewing each of the sites.

Pricing is good to know ahead of time because after all we have to budget every expense in order to know how profitable we are in business,  I want to help you make a good investment decision.  Also, when it comes to customer service and support, I definitely want to be able to reach out and get an answer almost instantly, therefore, I make sure that support is available when it’s convenient for me and having a phone number is a huge benefit to me as I can solve a problem or get a question answered on the spot.  One last thing and most important is reliability.  How reliable is the hosting?  I want to make sure that my site is up and running without downtimes or any other issues, so we’ll definitely look into that for you as well.

Take a look at the comparisons below to find the best hosting plan for your WordPress site or blog!

BlueHost – Starting from $2.95 – Visit Site

          >>>       $200 Free Advertising Credits

          >>>       1-Click WordPress Installation

          >>>      All Plans Come with Free Domain

          >>>       Free Site Builder

          >>>       30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Featuring a full range of professional web hosting services, BlueHost offers competitive prices, which start at $2.95 per month. At this price, you get the Starter package, which offers 50 GB disk storage space and unmetered bandwidth usage. The Plus plan provides you with unmetered website space and email storage at a discounted price of $5.45 per month.

While the Plus package is sufficient for a simple website, webmasters managing a high traffic or advanced features website might find it useful to purchase the Business Pro hosting plan. At a flat rate of $13.95 per month, you will also benefit from a dedicated IP, an SSL certificate, and professional site backup service.

With BlueHost, you also have the choice of getting a VPS (virtual private server) using the cloud technology or a dedicated hosting package for full control, enhanced security and high website performance.

Basically what I always recommend is start with the smallest package and if you need to add on more in the future, no-one will ever stop you from upgrading.  It surely works same way if you buy a bigger package and decide to downgrade.  Those options are always open, so keep that in mind.

*Prices may vary, but here’s a secret from me to you – before making the purchase, stay on the site for a little bit and a discounted price will pop up.  Leave me a comment below if you want more details.


BlueHost’s customer support department is one of the company’s strongest points. You can reach their agents by chat, phone or email. For the US, they offer a toll free phone number. They answer emails within hours. You might have to wait for half an hour on so on chat, but the system will let you know when an agent can take care of you. Besides, BlueHost offers a generous database of video tutorials and a comprehensive FAQs section that have you covered with most of your needs.  So if you don’t see an answer or a video for your questions, give them a call unless it’s not as urgent, then you can either send an email or chat.


BlueHost base their hosting service on high performance in-house servers that make sure your website has a good loading speed. The company’s average uptime is one of the best within the industry – over 99.9%. Employing top notch security technologies like SSH or Secure Shell Access, BlueHost provides you with the guarantee you are managing your site within a secure environment. For your customers’ data protection, BlueHost also offers SSL servers, making sure their information is encrypted and not collected to be used for other purposes.

BlueHost’s service packages include a number of very useful extras including free credit for Google Adwords or for Facebook marketing.

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iPage – Starting from $1.99 – Visit Site


>>>       Includes Over $500 in Extras

>>>       Great Value for Money

>>>       Free Domain Name

>>>       vDeck Control

>>>       Award-Winning Customer Support


iPage offers a full range of web hosting packages at competitive prices starting with $1.99 per month. The Essential plan offers you an all-in-one solution, including unmetered hosting space, free domain registration, and a number of goodies like AdWords, Facebook Ads and Yahoo/Bing credit.

If you want to build your website on WordPress, you have two options of hosting packages – WP Starter and WP Essentials. They both offer the core hosting plan and customized control panel, but the WP Essentials plan comes with some extra features translating in the site’s speed and security. Beside, with the WP Essentials plan, you get access to expert support.

If you need more server access and flexibility to adjust its resources, you might consider one of the iPage VPS Hosting plans, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $99.99 per month. These packages come with the ability to create unmetered MySQL databases, FTP and POP3 accounts, domains and subdomains, as well as with a good number of pre-installed scripts.

If you are running a high traffic website featuring advanced features and many data transactions, you may need a Dedicated Server hosting plan. With prices starting at $119.99/month, these plans bring along cloud-based flexibility and the ability to install any application your need.

Some of the verbiage might not make any sense, and it may not be for a beginner or someone looking to run a blog or a simple coaching or other site, that’s not something you would need to worry about in this case because the starter package would be all that you really need.

If you were thinking about e-commerce, this would be the ideal host provider or you can also look into Shopify!


Benefiting from their long experience, iPage has developed a comprehensive knowledge base. On their website you can find many tutorial videos as well as a comprehensive FAQ section that will answer most of your questions. If you have a more detailed question, you can always address it to their support agents via phone, live chat or email. They usually answer emails within 24 hours.


Whether you are running a WordPress based blog or a high traffic e-commerce website, a partnership with iPage is beneficial because of the good number of extras you get from the very moment you register. From marketing coupons to help promote your website via Facebook, Google AdWords and Bing, to professional tools to cater to all your needs, iPage hosting has you covered.

For instance, even the Essential plan subscribers benefit from SiteLock security feature, which protects their websites from malware and malicious traffic. In case you are running an e-commerce website, you can choose from three shopping carts within iPage (ShopSite, AgoraCart, and osCommerce) or simply choose to go with Shopify as an alternative for hosting your store altogether. If you sign up for at least 2 years, you get access to SiteDeluxe – their premium website builder, and a full range of professional website templates you can use to design your website.

Despite the fierce competition within this industry, iPage manages to maintain a reliable hosting service because they use cutting edge technology and top notch equipment like Dell PoweEdge, Cisco Firewalls, and HP ProLiant servers. Unlike many other hosting services provides, iPages provides a reliable computing infrastructure, backup solutions and server redundancy plans, ensuring your site has as little downtime as possible. Actually, iPage web hosting boasts one of the highest uptime records within the industry – over 99%.

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HostGator – Starting from $2.78 – Visit Site

                                              >>>       1-CLICK Script Installs

                                              >>>       Fast Load Times

                                              >>>       99.99% Uptime Guarantee

                                              >>>       Unlimited Email Addresses

                                              >>>       45 day money-back guarantee


HostGator’s offer is varied enough and their prices are very competitive, so you will certainly find a hosting package that suits your website building needs. If you are only at the beginning or you want to try out their services, you can go for the Hatchling Plan that offers unmetered disk space and bandwidth for a single domain at standard prices of $3.95 per month. For those who own several domains, the Baby Plan starting at $5.95 per month is a more suitable option. E-commerce website owners will certainly appreciate the private SSL & IP and the toll free number features included in the Business Plan.

For webmaster whose needs go beyond the standard shared hosting option, HostGator offers a full range of services, including re-seller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Keep in mind that they often offer discounts, so you can benefit from even lower rates.

Those who need a toll-free number for their website’s customer support, should consider the Business Plan. However, note that the calls to this number are free only for US callers.

Another good extra you get when purchasing a shared hosting package is the $100 Adwords credit that you can use to attract some traffic to your pages and make your brand known.


HostGator offers around the clock support via email, phone or live chat. They have a good FAQ section, containing written instructions and video tutorials. A users’ forum is also available on the site, so you can communicate with other webmasters, get some pieces of advice or share your insights on various matters. Based in Austin and Houston, HostGator’s customer support centers are operated by English native speakers, who are also knowledgeable in their field.


Using the four data center facilities owned by the Texas-based company The Planet, HostGator guarantees an uptime is 99.9% – one of the highest within the industry. This web hosting provider’s reliability comes also from their weekly backup practice as well as from the company’s transparency policy regarding their resources, personnel and prices.

Another great feature of the HostGator package is the money back guarantee policy: no matter which of the shared hosting plans you purchased, you have a grace period of 45 days to get reimbursed in case you are not satisfied with the services. Please keep in mind that this cancellation policy is not for the dedicated server hosting plans.

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If you’re strictly looking to build out an E-commerce store, I would recommend Shopify on it’s own without any of these hosting providers because it’s built for the sole purpose of e-commerce and is the best for that particular platform – no additional hosting will be needed.  Their support is awesome and I also personally have a store built from scratch without any prior experience.

Visit Shopify Site to Learn More…

I know I said I’ll give you top 3 hosting sites but as an added bonus, I wanted to add a few more for your convenience.

A2 Hosting – Starting from $3.92 – Visit Site

>>>       Regular Coupon Codes Offer

>>>       Qualified support team

>>>       Free SSL Certificate and SSD Drives

>>>       Focus on WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

>>>       Turbo Servers (up to 20X faster)

A2 has two very notable extras that help it really stand above competitors, which are a performance and security plugin in the WordPress repository, and a turbo platform.

The A2 Optimized WP plugin makes it easier to manage and secure your website. This can speed up your site by installing and configuring W3 Total Cache, a caching system designed to quickly and easily speed up a website.

  • Furthermore, A2 Hosting also offers Turbo Web Hosting servers that will greatly enhance overall speed and performance. These servers are not unlike Swift Web Hosting alternatives, but offer some notable differences for web developer including • Compiling .htaccess files to provide speed enhancements
  • The inclusion of PHP API to improve speed over FastCGI and PHP-FPM
  • 256 MB of APC Memory
  • Built-in caching engine (requires activation via .htaccess file)


As previously mentioned, one of the few drawbacks to A2 Hosting is that their packages are a bit expensive. That’s not to say there aren’t any affordable options, as there certainly are, but the fact is that many useful features are restricted in these cheaper packages.

However, A2 offers an anytime money back guarantee for your first 30-days of use. This is great because if you cancel within the 30-days period since the day of purchase, you will receive a full refund.

There are four packages available for A2 Hosting. As these are starting prices for each package, expect the rates to increase should you require additional features or services. “Shared Hosting” starts at $3.92 a month, and includes the following: hosting an individual website or blog, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal optimization, and Turbo Server. The “VPS Hosting” plan starts at $5.00 per month, and includes: increased power compared shared hosting, high speeds and security levels, web developer-friendly settings, and a choice of different management levels. The “Reseller Hosting” package starts at $13.19 a month, and includes: the option to host your own customers, individual hosting accounts, full white-labelling, and a comprehensive WHM panel. The “Dedicated Hosting” package starts at $99.59 a month, and includes: features for a wide range of business needs, server customization, and isolated server, and a choice of management levels, as well as all the previously mentioned features.


A2 Hosting has a customer service team of such repute that they have been given their very own name – the Guru Crew. They carry one of the best reputations in customer support, period. Their support lines are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. In fact, this is a year-round support that you can contact directly no matter the time or day.

You can contact the Guru Crew via phone, ticket, or online chat support, and the waiting periods are minimal at even the worst of times. They are very friendly, but more importantly, are fully knowledgeable in every aspect of A2 Hosting’s services. There’s also an extensive online resource library that comes with helpful support that is easy to understand.


As A2 Hosting comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it is certainly one of the most reliable hosting services available. It is very unlikely that your website will ever go offline with A2 Hosting, and in those rare occasions when something goes wrong, you can count on their great customer service to help. Furthermore, every package from A2 Hosting includes a free SSL certificate and SSD drive, providing a more secure and reliable site for users.

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One last one, it’s perfect for you if you’re on a budget!!

You can get your domain and hosting for under $20 your first month.  Since when you purchase a domain and it’s typically under $12 for the entire year and hosting starts at only $8.88 per month for first year, this is a very affordable way to get your website up and running.  You can always upgrade at any time to any of the other hosting services mentioned above when your financial situation has bettered itself. If you want to know what hosting service I’m talking about here, it’s one that is very well known –

They do have live chat support, ticket support, and other ways of providing you service and helping you set everything up.

NOW, it’s a matter of DOING it!!

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Now that you have a pretty good idea of what the hosting services offer and all of the information is in front of you, let’s go get your site built and run it LIVE!!

If you get stuck, still feel confused, or need additional information, simply comment below or reach out to me.  I will be more than willing and happy to assist you.

If you found this helpful please feel free to share.  Share with your team, friends, or anyone that may be looking into putting a site, blog, ecommerce store, or anything else together online… help them make a wise decision like you did!!

To your success!!